Pilates and Sex

Have you ever been in a Pilates mat class or a private Pilates session and had your instructor tell you to squeeze your heels in Pilates “v” position? Wonder why? Squeezing your heels together activates your inner-thighs (go ahead and try it now). Maybe you were told to put a ball or a magic circle between your knees and squeeze? What does that have to do with sex? Activating your inner thighs is the gateway to activating your pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor is a great way to improve your sexual response.

Strength in the pelvic floor is important for everyone. It helps before childbirth (improving your sexual response), during childbirth and after childbirth (helping you to reconnect those muscles). Not having kids? It’s no less important unless you have a secret desire to wear a diaper prematurely in your geriatric years :O).

The pelvic floor muscles are also know as your “kegel” muscles and although you don’t have to do Pilates to strengthen them (you can learn to contract these muscles without inner-thigh activation, think stopping the flow of urine), Pilates is the perfect way to get you connected mindfully to your body. The connections in the body that Pilates teachers offer their clients become positive life-changing habits. Learning to contract your pelvic floor muscles is just one of the outstanding benefits you’ll get from Pilates, and one that many people are never even aware of.

Want more information? Check out this article:

Got questions about Pilates? Send them to me! I love to talk Pilates and what it can do for you.

“Do Pilates 10 times, you’ll feel the difference, 20 times, you’ll see the difference, 30 times, your body will be changed for life.” Joseph H. Pilates

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