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Diets and Marketing in the USA

Diets and Marketing in the USA

Why is food such a mystery in the USA? The only thing that has changed with nutrition is marketing. Marketing is not nutrition, it’s about sales and marketing people do not care about your health. It’s literally their job to come up with creative ways to get you to eat foods that are bad for you and shockingly 16 billion marketing dollars are directed at children each year!

Nutrients, vitamins and even calories haven’t change one bit. You need mostly vegetables to survive, fruits secondly and protein. Grains are great for most people, but there is a rapidly growing section of America that can no longer digest gluten, and we can thank GMO’s for that. Please reference this blog article for more information on GMO’s and how they have affected our immune systems:

If you’ve lost your way to a healthy body, the good news is that nutrition and fitness are a journey and you can jump right back on the path to a healthy body at any moment of any day, it’s always a choice. And that choice starts with what you put into your mouth. We’re all evolving and learning everyday and we can become better at feeding ourselves, at moving with intention and becoming the strong and capable body that we dream of. Ultimately, we are all a work in progress for as long as live.

Some simple rules to follow:

1) Always eat your vegetables first at every meal, green leafy is best, cellulose vegetables like celery, cucumbers and jicama are fantastic, then the root vegetables like sweet potatoes, turnips and beets (always eat organic beets, they are the next big GMO crop). Consider white potatoes as a carb, not a vegetable.
2) Have some protein, preferably white meat or fish, no bigger than the size of your palm, your body will store excess protein as fat.
3) Fruits for desert! Watermelon, peaches, berries, AMAZING for satisfying your sweet tooth.
4) Grains are great- just keep them organic and gluten free and you should be good.

5) Water is the drink you NEED- no juice, no milk, no tea- WATER for thirst.

Please send me your thoughts, questions and concerns. It’s my mission to make America a healthy and strong nation once again! Let’s fight obesity together.

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