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Kale Kleanse Shopping List


Green smoothie picThe Kale Kleanse starts Monday! I hope you are ready to get Klean after some holiday indulgences and excited to feel leaner after this awesome 7 day, nutrient dense, fat-burning program.

Want to prep your kitchen? Great idea. Start by cleaning out the processed foods (any easy, go-to bag or box that might break you in a moment of weakness) and then go shopping. Here’s what you’ll need for 7 days (these estimates could vary per person and are for 1 person)

12-14 heads of Kale (about 2 per day, depending on size)
7 green apples
7 apples (any type)
7 pears
Blueberries, fresh or frozen 2-3 cups
Yellow, red or orange bell peppers (7 total)
7 cucumbers
7 jicama
1 lb of carrots
1 jar of tahini (sesame seed butter) and/ or raw almond butter
7 3-4 ounce servings of poultry protein
Vegetarian option- homemade hummus- 1/4 cup serving times 7
Protein powder- please get organic (for smoothies)
10 lemons

That’s a lot of healthy food! There’s no need to be hungry to lose weight and get healthy.

Depending on your location to a grocery store, buy your groceries as close to the day that your going to eat them as possible. Planning on at least two shopping days during the kleanse will help keep things fresh and nutrient dense. Always buy organic when possible.

Here’s the first Kale Kleanse smoothie recipe

4 cups of tightly packed, washed kale (remove stems)

2 green apples

1 lemon

2 cups of water

Place all ingredients into a Vitamixer or high power blender. It’s an option to add 2 tablespoons of almond butter or 1 scoop of protein powder to a smoothie. This recipe should make enough smoothie for one day, if you need more, it’s fine to have more, but only add the almond butter or protein powder to one smoothie a day. This is a delicious and nutrient dense smoothie that’s full of fiber and great for your body.

Please send questions! I’m excited to hear how the Kale Kleanse goes for you!

3 thoughts on “Kale Kleanse Shopping List”

  1. Keep up the good work; i am not in a position to do any cleansing of that nature at the moment as i live in Thailand and half the ingredients are not available where i am right now. However when i do start a cleanse i do a liver cleanse with olive oil & grape fruit juice; (or Lemon juice); generally fast for a few days before hand and then use Epsom salts two times before bed time to empty out the bowels; one at 6pm-the next & 8pm; then take the oil & grape juice before bed at 10pm. Next day at 6am; more Epsom salts and again at 8am. Boy does that clear the gall stones; mind you it is not for everyone; taking half a cup of olive oil and then grape juice mixed in; can be daunting for some people to swallow; i use a straw and drink it all in one go. Anyway if you want the full instructions i can let you have them. That brew shifts galls stones and makes your energy levels shoot up; everyone has some stones; just not all obstruct the gall bladder; but do obstruct liver function as they are formed in the liver and travel to the gallbladder. Sorry for the rave; i can’t help myself. Have a great day and no doubt we will be chatting in the future; LOL Murray

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