Mardee Calkins

Hi there! I’m Mardee Calkins and my passion statement is to bring nutritional education and fitness to all walks of life. I believe that when we understand what we’re eating and why our health has deteriorated over the past few decades, we will make the changes to our lifestyle and diets that will change our world, save our children and put the epidemics of diabetes, autism, cancer and autoimmune disease behind us.

I’m a health coach trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher, a registered yoga teacher, an ACE certified Personal Trainer, a Spin Instructor, a Cardiolates teacher trainer, and a kettle bell certified trainer. I own Wimberley Pilates in Wimberley, TX ( I have three children, a wonderful husband, some amazing four-legged best friends and a farm that infuses me with peace and passion everyday.

I’ve healed my body of an autoimmune disease with nutrition and my youngest son from the symptoms of Tourette’s and Asperger’s through nutrition. Our journey to health and wellness taught me that fitness alone will not make you healthy. Our world has become full of chemicals that our ruining our health, but through good nutrition, we can minimize and in some cases eliminate the symptoms, leading to a pharmaceutical-free life.  I manage our conditions with food  and supplements with 100% success. Follow this blog and I believe I can teach you how to heal you and your family, as well.

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